Save Thousands

  • Manulife One is an all-in-one mortgage, line of credit, chequing and savings account that simplifies your banking and your life
  • By combining all your debt (loans, credit cards, etc.) you could reduce interest costs, save thousands & become debt free years sooner
  • One easy to manage account - no need to transfer funds between multiple accounts
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Repay debt faster

  • Any income or money you deposit could immediately reduce your debt, saving you interest
  • Traditional mortgages can be restrictive & make it difficult to repay your debt more quickly
  • With Manulife One there are no limits on how much you can pay down; which means you can pay down your debt on your terms
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Access Home Equity

  • Traditional mortgages only work one way, they don’t allow you take your money back out after you’ve made your payment – even if it’s needed for emergency expenses or unforeseen costs
  • With Manulife One, you can access the equity you’ve built up in your home whenever you need, for whatever you need, up to your borrowing limit
  • No hoops to jump through to access your home equity, conveniently access your money when the need arises (no need to apply for another loan)
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