Debt is smart. It knows how to hang around for a long time squeezing more and more of your hard earned money out of you. But you can outsmart your debt by choosing the Manulife One account from Manulife Bank. Since 1999, more than 100,000 Canadians have switched to this innovative mortgage. Here’s why.

Traditional Banking

Traditional banking keeps what you have (your earnings, savings, short-term investments, etc.) separate from what you owe (your mortgage, loans, etc.). So you earn a lower rate of interest on your deposits while paying a higher rate of interest on what you borrow. This keeps you in debt longer and paying more interest over time.

Manulife One

But what if your deposits and your borrowing were combined into a single account so that every dollar you earned automatically went towards paying down your debt?

That’s exactly what Manulife One does, and more! It brings your mortgage, savings and income together to help you:

  • save thousands in interest;
  • be debt-free years sooner;
  • enjoy financial flexibility; and
  • simplify your everyday banking.

That’s because with Manulife One every dollar you deposit goes towards paying off your debt, every day find out how.

Discover what Manulife One can do for you. Then join the thousands of Canadians who have chosen Manulife One and saved millions in the process.

Make the switch today and you could be debt free faster!

To qualify for this innovative all-in-one mortgage solution you’ll need at least 20% equity in your current home or the home you are purchasing. If you do not meet this requirement or if you prefer a more traditional mortgage solution, please check out our Manulife Bank Select mortgage.