Manulife One for Business is more than Canada’s most flexible commercial mortgage account for business. But don't take our word for it. Hear from satisfied business owners as they share how this unique solution puts them in charge:


“I have the improved cash flow position as a result of the structure of the principal and interest payment set up, this enables more choices and more flexibility with the use of my business funds. This opens up funds for business investment, increased hours for employees, upgrades or debt reduction.”

Richard Hall, RM Hall & Sons Holdings Inc.


“The line of credit at a low rate helped us the most and all company debt in one account makes it easier for us to see what is happening with our money. The simplicity and flexibility of the account and the ease to read the monthly statements helps a lot.”

Perry Rietze, P. Rietze Construction


“I found the commercial products available for financing my business to be very inflexible and the applicable interest rates to be higher than I would prefer.  Prior to setting up my Manulife One for Business account I felt my lenders were in control and dictating the options for paying my debt. I am now in control of how I choose to service my debt.”

Travis Beauchemin, Law Firm


“Sometimes we require large amounts of funds with very short notice. I find Manulife One to be extremely valuable for this purpose. I find no other bank offers this kind of line of credit against my real estate holdings. All the banks were willing to give me a mortgage and charge me interest on that money, which I had no use for until a deal came along which can be once every few years. With Manulife One I only borrow when I need the funds and only pay interest when I borrow.”

Sunita Kapil, Kapil Holdings Inc.


“Every year we do something to the office building.  New driveway, landscaping, paint...  It all makes a big difference. It is nice not to have to go to the bank every time we decide to make improvements. We can also pay down the mortgage as much as we want to every year. The flexibility is the best feature, in our opinion, with the Manulife One for Business.”

Jeff Keller, WK Financial Planning


“More flexibility in our day-to-day cash flow. We estimate paying off the mortgage in 12 years versus the original 20 on the mortgage. The functionality of the Manulife One for Business really works at reducing interest costs.  Our revenue is quite stable and we make our deposits at the beginning of the month, and as expenses are incurred through the month, we eat into that revenue but definitely save interest charges along the way.”

Jim Myers, Myers Benefit Consulting


“Our Manulife One for Business is primarily used as a mortgage alternative in the building we own to house our offices. As we have paid down the debt on the property, it opened up capital we were able to access very quickly to take advantage of an investment opportunity. That’s when I realized the true power of this debt instrument.”

John Davis, Blackburn Davis Financial


“I was able to buy the office space I required at the time with a reasonable payment and the flexibility of financing it over a longer period. My M-1 has no fixed payments, just the interest element, which became very valuable in the credit crisis. Also any surplus earnings automatically reduce debt and save interest so there are banking efficiencies not achievable with standard banking. In business you need the flexibility, the interest savings, and the freedom to have your banking on your terms, not the banks.”

Paul Lauzon, Lauzon Financial Advisors Inc.


“The Manulife One for Business account is looked at by us as a "transformational account!" At one point we realized the mortgage on our building was going down while the equity was rising. The question became, how do we transform this equity into something that enabled us to take advantage of perceived opportunities in the market place?  Manu to the rescue!!!”

Richard Cremasco, R&D Investco


“The interest savings over the year is phenomenal! I used to have a commercial mortgage and a business bank account, with two separate institutions. My bank account always had a high balance in it (that earned zero interest), and the mortgage payment was only paid when due. Manulife Bank has rolled them into one and I achieve instant interest savings on the mortgage part. All of my business transactions go through this account and the fees are incredibly low. I saved over $1,000 on the banking fees alone last year.”

Steve Gooder, Gooder Financial Management

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